Wednesday, April 16, 2008

he doesn't deserve

just words i wrote to friend
wanna forgive her boyfriend
he doesnt deserve even a word from u
how u say that "i still love u"
he cant feel what are'you saying
cause he just closed his heart with the mask he is wearin
cant believe how would u forgive him
and wanna hug him and miss him
that kind of men cant feel
and their hearts are like steel
cant recognize how a woman love
and ready to share with him her heart
but u know something
i cant blame ur feelings and words
nor dreaming of him is a purpose
u just some one in a deeply love
and being away from ur love is so hard
so cant say any more
but try to love the one he can adore
and never try to break ur words and heart
nor make u feel that hard
its my words to ur pure heart

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Feelings and Brain

i'd like to talk about this such thing above the human body,
human brain , really there are such strange matters in this organ, and feelings as well
there are usually contrasted ,
why always when we loose some thing , we regret after that , why when we find some one who love us so or want to be close to us , always trying to neglect him , and after moments of his disappeared, we feel bad regret and wishing to make him back again.

so , we always do this...... , why we cant trying to keep people close to us special when we find people love us truly and honestly, why we become adore living alone without passion in our life
all our life time we looking for love and passion and complain that we cant find true one
although if we just think and look around ,we'll find them looking to us with a beautiful smile on their faces
but the same end we discovered them too late after all the beautiful things had gone and
tha final we got those things
sad , pain , bad feelings , loneliness

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


when i was alittle girl
i wish i were a star
can touch the moon
and hold the sky
could run on the clouds
and see the top of earth
can hold the drops of rain
and smeel the fairly breez
i really wish i were a star
to hug my deams and tryin to be seen
as agood girl can porotect what does she feel
wish i could touch the highly hills
and be near of such great
wanna do many things
just to be huge like mountains
i wish i were a star
or a butterfly
so i can fly all over the world
and stand on this rose
and the others are alloweded
wish be free and no one say you wont be
i get sick of this world
and wanna be without it for a moment
without the obstacles that standing near
and tell me u'll stop here
just as u were
i wish i were'nt here

Sunday, March 2, 2008

for kids of palestine

My heart hurts me
When i see these little kids are bleeding
My heart scream at me
And say for how long u'll just seeing
My heart asking me
What are u going to do to stop that sceens
He asked me for how long
They will be like dead sheeps
Ohhhhh, my poor kids
Sorry for not helping u
Or trying to save u
For just watch u and couldn't hug u
But i cant help it
Its out of my hand
It just goes aganist of my wil
All i can do
It just weep and cry
And my heart burning like a butterfly
Sorry my beloved

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


my favorite quote

"You learn in life that the only person
you can really correct and change
is yourself " .

Monday, February 25, 2008

Maze in Human Brain

The way we thinking .
no body can ignore that we all see things in a different ways and from different sides , what about the way we thinking ? is it always the right one ? or it just based on some circumistances iner human mind . so we're not always make such good decision cause we can't see the matters really well we just see it from our eyes and our minds .

i guess that every one try to make himself the hero and the judge in the same time , forgetting all about his faults and sins ,just try to make others feel may be ashamed just to make him relief and trust in him self , so we've got here man try to sentenced the people and forget about himself maye be he made the same mistakes and the same sins but can't admit it and have the courage and say yea iam absoulety wrong , i having my faults and my mistakes , thats the one we can say that he is man of word if he just admit it . right?????
in my opinion of view that kind of people be like a burdon in the society cause he just make others suffer , he intended or not but , but we come to the same conclusion that he make others suffer , he will be a reason for the disapearing of such beautiful items we have like forgive , forget , may be trust as well , so i wish that the day of every one can stand infront of himself first and regcognize the things he made after that he can face the people and their things .

man kind has such amaze in his mind and i'll talk about in parts.

to be continued

Saturday, February 23, 2008

let's dance

recently i just felt so bad so i've made up my mind not to surrounded to this awful feeling , so i decided to dance.
, yea just dance i closed my room and running my favorite music
and close my eyes and dance , in a rapid way in a strong way
and with every movement my awful feeling begins to disappear , really i now feel comfortable
taking of all my pressured things in my life and start to see things in a different way
so i advice all ,, when u meet something you feel wrong about.
just close ur eyes and dance and get rid of all ur bad things u feel